Elf dolls in Wonderland

Meet Cee Cee and Ivory Rose!

Two elf dolls who are part of “Through the Looking Glass.” An Alice in Wonderland inspired group show at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland in Eagle Rock.  Thanks so much to my dear pal, artist Miss Mindy for inviting me to be part of the show!

Both Cee Cee and Ivory Rose are adoptable through Leanna Lin’s Gallery!

Cee Cee – the Cheshire Cat inspired Elf.




Ivory Rose – the “Painting the Roses Red” inspired elf doll.

ivoryrose1  ivoryroseclose

Within the next 10 days I’ll have new dolls up on my ETSY just in time for Christmas so be on the look out!

Here’s a little collage from the opening at Leanna Lins of me and my friends Mindy and Brandy


Hugs from Kaneville!

ps… are you following me on Instagram? Please do!! The dolls are posting up a storm!


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Little bits of fun here in Kaneville

I have been working on a bunch of new goodies, exploring new mediumsand researching various inspiration.

Thought I’d share a couple little bits of fun.

Wood burning! One down, a million to go ! Quite fun…hoping to have a few wee wood burned goodies for sale soon.  IMG_3120

Mary Pickford….I just can’t watch enough of her, always so inspiring!


La Belle et la Bête! Every time I watch this something new makes my heart explode.

Such a beautiful film!


Sophia Loren singing Bing Bang Bong.  It’s like Vitamin D and Cupcakes for your ears.

I’ve also been working on some fine art photo projects with would you believe it!  HUMANS!  If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen some of these.  I’ll post more soon! But here is one of my favorites from a new series I’m doing on Mystic Visions.



More news soon! Hugs from Kaneville xo Christy


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We’re still here!

Hi everyone! Wow it’s MAY! I can’t believe it.  It has been a busy year so far, I hope to share some new goodies with you soon.  The dolls and I have been busy as bees!

I’ll post some images and news soon, in the mean time just wanted you all to know weare working away in Kaneville and hope you are all having a lovely year so far!

Big doll hugs xo Christy and the dolls

Here’s a photo of me and my four legged kids for you!Boris,Oonah,me

ps….I do seem to be updating Instagram quite a bit, between the dolls, my dogs and various inspirations! Feel free to follow there http://statigr.am/christykanedolls 🙂


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Happy New Year from all the Kanes

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope everyone has a lovely safe and happy New year!  I have to say, 2012 was pretty amazing in many ways for me.  I took some time off from dollville and was able to spend some really special and dear time with my family & friends.  Time I will always treasure! Especially time with my amazing parents… and watching my Mother recover from hip replacement surgery….she is the toughest cookie I know, and her progress is astounding and inspiring!  Lots of time with my nephews and nieces, which is always inspiring and fun and hilarious….they are all the bees knees! (here’s one of my nephews first stop motion film! CLAY MAN)

The dolls also took time off and from what I gather I think they spent the majority of the time making wings out of leaves, and chasing mystical rabbits and squirrels. Did they catch any? Stay tuned to find out!

Starting in 2013 the blog will turn into a place for random thoughts from this doll maker, and my web-site will have it’s makeover done soon as well which will feature lots of new and old images and treasures you may have never seen!  I’m excited to share it soon!

Check back in the next few days for my first new post! Yippee

Happy New Year!! May 2013 be a Gorgeous adventure for one and all!

XOXO Christy and the dolls


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Cyber Vacation

The dolls and I look forward to sharing a new site, new dolls, and lots of exciting news in the Fall…until then Callalilly, her sisters and I wish you a lovely Summer xoxo

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Songs of the Sisters Kane

The dolls and I recorded a special album of songs for each Kane sister from Book I with our friend Grant Curry a few years back at Music For Chameleons in Ponchatoula, LA..  Some of you may have a copy, I made a special had stitched edition and sold 100 of them….but now for those of you who want copies of the songs, they are now available for digital download for the first time ever! Wow, pretty exciting huh?

Just click the cover photo below and you can listen to samples.  There is an added reprise of the song Lily that I recorded at Rancho de Luna where Callalilly and I recorded her film score with our pal Dave. So for those of you who have the record already, that’s the little bonus you can download if you’d like!

Will there be a soundtrack for Book II?  Yes Indeed!  I’m working on it now.. Magnolia’s song is very lovely and troubling all at the same time.  I can’t wait for you all to hear that one!  Ok…back to work.. more news in a few days!

x~CK and the Dolls

ps..Hope you enjoy the songs!  Polly’s song is particularly dreamy,  Azaeleah’s is sugary sweet, and Violah’s song some may find frightening, but try not to be scared.  It is fairly alarming, but then again so is she.



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Doll show Tonight

The Kanes will be part of Cactus Gallery’s Annual Doll show.
Here’s a sneak peek at some of the dolls!

Cactus is a lovely gallery in the heart of Eagle Rock, CA and the dolls and I are excited to be part of the show!

If you can’t make it, click the image below to see all the dolls in the show. And if you are interested in adopting, just e-mail or call Sandra.  Her info is on the Cactus page.

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