Lee Lee Marie – The Sad Balcony

With Valentines Day fast approaching, the dolls thought we should share a few days of Valentine Themed Kane’s.

So for our first Daily Doll – Miss Lee Lee MarieThe Sad Balcony or, Miss Lonely Hearts.

Lee Lee Marie went out on her balcony 7 years ago after reading a fairy
tale that ended happily. The prince came and took the maiden away and they lived happily ever after.

Lee Lee Marie vowed to wait on the balcony until her
prince came. Days passed, and then weeks, followed by months and now years.
After the first 4 years she thought maybe she should go back inside.
It dawned on her that perhaps the book had been fiction.

But to her utter amazement, she couldn’t move. It seems her hair had grown
into the weeds, and she was stuck. Forever the optimist, Lee Lee Marie took
it as a sign that she should remain on the balcony awaiting her prince.
There’s no use trying to persuade her to think any differently. And there’s no lure good enough.  When she puts her mind to something that is it. So there she remains….until….well honestly perhaps until the end of time.
© Christy Kane 2005










(Lee Lee Marie was part of the “Doll County USA” show at Poets Gallery in New Orleans in the Summer of 2005.  Her balcony was constructed by our talented friend Jason London Hawkins who’s paintings we both adore and collect here in Kaneville!  Lee Lee was adopted into a loving home in 2007)
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2 Responses to Lee Lee Marie – The Sad Balcony

  1. Sheri DeBow says:

    I am so excited to read all the entries! I love the way your mind works from the twisted, to the sweet, to the forlorn and back to a beautiful ending with meaning and a lesson!
    Thankyou for the tiny glimpse in!!! xoxo Sheri DeBow

  2. Christy says:

    Thank you so much Sheri xo

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