Valentines conjure up the thought of roses for some…so in honor of that here is another Valentine themed Daily Doll.

Miss Rosabelle Kane.

Rosabelle…Little Rosabelle was staring out of an open window and when the clock
struck twelve it startled the little doll and she fell out of the window into a rose vine.
Her legs and arms were quite hurt as the thorns poked them repeatedly; but the roses
did their best to stay still so as not to further hurt the little doll.  One pink rose told her
to hold her breath and just jump out of the vine all in one swoop.  Rosabelle thought
this was a good idea because it seemed there was no delicate way to rid one’s self of thorns.
So she held her breath and jumped from the vine, thankfully landing on a patch of petals
that had fallen from the roses.

She used the petals to rub onto the spots where the thorns had pricked her.  The roses all
looked down and let out great sighs.  But Rosabelle assured them that she was fine and as
she looked up and spoke to them, the pink rose gasped.  “You’re turning pink!” she said.
“Quick, get out of those petals before you turn into a rose!!”

So Rosabelle leapt out of the petals and sat on a patch of grass.

It was true!  Rosabelle was now mostly pink and to her amazement she smelled like a rose!
The roses told her to go inside and to take care when gazing out windows.

Rosabelle still startles easily, and although she now has many rose-like features, she is still
fascinated with roses themselves.  Sometimes she wishes she had turned into a rose, but I
assure her that she is much better as a doll.  This satisfies her and she is quite proud of her
rose-like features.

If you take her home please keep a close eye on her.  Always lock your windows and keep
pillows or blankets near her.  She is a little bit clumsy, so if she has something pleasant to fall on she will appreciate you more and more.

And if you have roses around don’t leave her alone with them.  She says she wouldn’t try
to become a rose again, but why tempt her!

© Christy Kane 2011

(Rosabelle was part of my Timeless Tales show at M Modern Gallery in 2008

she was adopted and is living happily in a loving home with her sister Snowbelle the elf)

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2 Responses to Rosabelle

  1. Kim Moran says:

    I love this picture of Rosabelle. She’s a very happy little dolly.
    She’s enjoying her new family of dolly friends. She’s even made friends with the monkey’s and bear from my childhoold.
    She was very excited to see Snowbelle when she arrived. They spent a lot of time whispering with each other telling doll secerts from home.
    Happy Valentine’s Day

  2. Christy Kane says:

    YAY! I’m so glad she’s doing well! I didn’t know you adopted Snowbelle too! I was
    wondering where she was off too =) I’m so glad she’s with you and Rosabelle, and the monkey’s and bear from when your childhood !! Sending Valentine hugs from
    all the Kane dolls and me to you all! I’m so happy my two little Belles have such a good home! =)

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