Hopeful Hattie

Here you have the first in a new series of Kane dolls…..the souls.

Hattie the Hopeful, hopes all the time, but what she’s hoping for she won’t say.  I can only tell you that her hopefulness is quite contagious.  If you find you are lacking a glimmer of hope in your days perhaps little Hattie can help.

She sat for 88 days with her eyes squeezed shut and said she  was focused on hoping even more.  On the 89th day her eyes transformed into the symbol of hope, the anchor.

Since that day she says every thing she looks at she sees hope in.  Her life is a silver lining and if you want a hopeful reminded Hattie may be the doll for you.  If you take her home please be aware that besides hoping she loves resting in teacups, listening to the wind, and the sound of the sea. Her favorite flower is the lily, and her favorite hour of the day is 3:33pm.  © Christy Kane 2010

ps… Hattie was adopted in October and is living happily in Canada!

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4 Responses to Hopeful Hattie

  1. Granny B says:

    At 3:33 every day, from now on, I plan on smiling! Thanks!

  2. StephStarr says:

    I absolutely love your stories, I’m glad I came across your dolls and the blog. I’m excited and looking forward to reading much more about them :]

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