Hilda and Ursula

Hilda and Ursula Kane


Hilda and Ursula…wait for seven o’clock to arrive every day.  Hilda has convinced Ursula that one day at seven o’clock forty bees will find them and serenade them with their wings.  As if that wasn’t enough she said the bees would then give each of them a teacup full of the sweetest honey gathered from their favorite forest.

Ursula very intensely keeps her eyes wide open at all times so as not to miss
the sound of 80 wings buzzing in the distance.  Ursula also has a fixation on
seven o’clock and has convinced her sister that one day at seven o’clock
forty violets will grow feet and walk twelve miles to encircle the sisters and
hum the most beautiful waltz to them.  Following the Waltz the violets will
entrust the twins with seven treasures.

Ursula has no idea what they are but is certain that they
will surpass her every dream.

These two have no reason to think that these things won’t come to pass and I
would beg you not to argue with them about it.  You may find it hard to believe
but unless you want to answer to forty bees and forty waltzing violets I suggest
you be quite alert every day at seven as well.  You wouldn’t want to miss such an
event and if you are the one who brings my little twins into your home, I
am sure the bees and the violets will have treasures for you too!

Oh!  You may want to know the story behind why they each have a peg
leg and I wish I could tell you but they have asked me repeatedly to please
keep it a secret.  You see, they are very sensitive about the subject and as their
mother I must respect their wishes.
© Christy Kane 2008

Hilda and Ursula were once part of my Timeless Tales show at M Modern Gallery in 2008.

(They were adopted and are living happily in a dream doll house with their amazingly talented adoptive Mom… Artist Jennybird Alcantara! )

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