Theda Kane

Theda Kane

Theda………..Two o’clock will forever ring in the memory of this little doll.
As you can see she is a very glamorous trapeze artist.  And that has always been her gift.
But she did make a very poor choice one year ago at two o’clock.

Besides the trapeze, Theda has two other loves… Peacocks and Cuckoo Clocks. Working
peacocks into her routine was the easy part.  She merely made a crown of feathers.

But the cuckoo clock was much harder to work into her routine.  No matter, Theda was
determined.   She had a cuckoo clock built that would swing in the air in front of her and
her trapeze.  She had it all planned.   At the stroke of two she would leap from her trapeze
just as the cuckoo bird came out of the clock.

With one elegant flip she would then land on the bird’s platform.

A nice theory but the finer details were not considered.

She practiced and it worked a few times; other times she would find herself bouncing
in the net below.

But for her two o’clock show she decided to up the ante.

She was going to do her flip, then grab hold of the clock hands, spin around twice, flip
once more and then land on the bird’s platform.

What she failed to consider was the sharpness of the clock hands.

As the clock struck two, Theda did her first flip, reached for the clock hands and quickly
discovered they were razor sharp.

A realization that came a bit late for as her hands clung to the clock hands, the rest of her
fell to the net below.

Fortunately Theda is not a defeatist and quickly had hooks fashioned that would be just the right size to grab hold of the trapeze.  And although it is now impossible to find a partner she has a very lovely solo routine.
© Christy Kane 2008

Theda was once part of my Timeless Tales show at M Modern Gallery in 2008.

She is currently adoptable through my etsy store!!
*** Feb. 25 – Update – Theda was adopted!

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