Amarilly Kane

Amarilly. . . has never been referred to as a doll.  She’s perfectly unaware of that reality.  She fancies herself a lady, and despite her youthful appearance, she claims to be  134 years old.   She has also convinced herself that she is the daughter of my great grandma, Nana Kane.  Beyond that she simply has no capacity to remember anything.   She’ll say something and then forget, and once she’s forgotten, she’ll move on forgetting that she has forgotten.

The only things she remembers without fail, even though some are not true, are the following:

Her name is Amarilly.

She is a lady.

Her mother is Nana Kane.

She loves birds.

She loves the sound of raindrops.

She is 134 years old.

Her dress is green, and her hair is gold and her eyes are brown.

Clothes pins were made to capture worms.

Beyond that, no matter what she says, she’s sure to forget it.  But don’t worry!  If you take fair Amarilly home, she may eventually remember you.  If not, she is sure to greet you daily with the enthusiasm of someone finding a pot of gold.  In her eyes she will be meeting a  new friend, and she just loves to make friends.  So enjoy her company, and keep track of what  she says.  Who knows! Maybe one day she will remember something new… and you!

© Christy Kane 2004

ps…*Amarilly made her public debut at my “Cabinet Noir” art show at The Space in Austin Texas back in 2004!!  …..she was adopted at a Christmas art sale later that year, thrown by my pal Liz McGrath….

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4 Responses to Amarilly

  1. Cathy says:

    She’s adorable! Love the story too – it made me smile!

  2. Boni says:

    Clothespins were made to capture woms….so that’s what hey are for …who knew ?


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