Florette….is a fine hearted little lass, but naive to a severe degree.
A trait which cost her dearly one winters day.  A nasty little squirrel came
tapping at her window and asked if she could spare some food.
Having been told many times, the legend of the carnivorous squirrel
she was a bit skeptical, but her big blooming heart veiled her reason and
fetched some food for the squirrel.  He was a clever little monster so he
continued this routine for a few weeks.  Florette, now firmly believing this
squirrel was kind, went so far as to bake him a pie.  On that cold winters day
she gripped tightly onto this warm pie and gently handed it over to the
squirrel.  His true colors came raging out and he took more than just the pie.

Well, losing a hand to a cruel squirrel is a hard lesson, but her sweetness
leaves her vulnerable.  If you take Florette home, do keep her in a safe place.
If you leave her home alone, lock the windows!!  Legend has it that cruel
little squirrel is still on the loose.
© Christy Kane 2004

(Florette first appeared at Gallery Lombardi in the group art exhibit –  The Rock Show in Austin Texas in 2004.  She now resides with my Mom and is quite safe in a glass box, well protected  from carnivorous squirrels.)
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2 Responses to Florette

  1. Boni says:

    Im raising a baby squirrel LOL

    • christykane says:

      Awe, I bet he’s a cutie!! I know they can be sweet!! Poor Florette must have just met the one mean squirrel out there! I have a sweet little one that always visits with me on my porch when I have coffee in the morning =)

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