Odelia is a very unusual little doll.  At any given moment she could dart off and disappear for days.  She always returns but never the same as when she left.  It is for this reason that I have often thought of putting her in a cage.  This may sound cruel, but it’s only because I worry about her.  If you take her home you must be sure to keep her with you.  And if you are forced to leave her out of your sight on occasion, lock your doors and windows.  Here’s why.

On one of her adventures she came home and her right leg was shorter than her left.  When I inquired as to how this came to pass she told me that she had been staring at a bird’s nest and wondered what it would be like to spend a few days there.  So she climbed the tree and saw that there were two very little baby birds inside.  She kept hidden behind some leaves so that she would not frighten them and she spent the next several weeks watching them grow.  During this time she had to keep perfectly still.  She must have done a good job because apparently another little bird came and built a nest on her right foot! This didn’t bother her but she thought for sure she would certainly be in this tree forever.

Well she wasn’t gone forever, but she was gone a whole year!  And as the story goes…this bird had four sets of little ones before flying off.  A great wind blew the nest off of Odelia’s foot at that very moment and she took this as permission to climb down.  To her surprise the leg that held the birds was now noticeably longer than the other!

This didn’t trouble her as she says it’s a reminder of the wonders she saw; little birds sprouting feathers and learning to fly.

On another one of her adventures she decided to try and fly herself which led to the little wound on her head.  Oh yes!  And her unfortunate investigation into a Venus Fly Trap is the reason for her missing fingers.

You would think these events would entice Odelia to stay home, but she has no fears whatsoever and is absolutely curious about everything!

One trick that I use to get her to stay put is to play the Dance of the sugar Plum Fairies.  This seems to lull her to sleep and when she sleeps she is out for quite some time.  So if you must leave her alone I’ve given her a special music box that plays this song.  Just wind her up and she will be off to sleep by the time the song ends.

As I said, watch her closely, and lock your doors.  Obviously the very best thing to do is to keep her with you always.  If she watches your adventures she is likely to be entertained enough to not go seeking her own.

And fear not.  Even if she wanders off she always comes home.

© Christy Kane 2007

* Odelia made her debut on Oct. 13, 2007 at a show I had at Wax Poetic Gallery in Burbank, CA. She was adopted into one of the sweetest families in Mississippi!

Here’s a little video of her in a dreamy state!

Odelia with Callalilly

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5 Responses to Odelia

  1. Boni says:

    Im so enthralled with all this ,its amazing 🙂

  2. la♥eefaH says:

    i truly love this one didi….!

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