Many moons ago, (aka…the late 90’s) I was asked to share some dolls at the wonderful Gallery/Bookstore Every Picture Tells a Story.  One of my first doll batches included Miss Buttercup.  Lucky little Buttercup….she was featured in Flaunt Magazine’s Holiday 2001 issue.  A lovely segment on “Toys that don’t require batteries, microchips, or instruction booklets.” This photo of Miss Buttercup, who’s tale was short and sweet, was taken for Flaunt by Photographer Dan Forbes.


She’s been accused of tall tale telling, requires delicate handling, and is angered by sunlight.

She was adopted soon after this issue hit the stands!

Oh, my sweet Buttercup, I haven’t heard any updates, but I assume she is still quite the tall tale teller.  I am hopeful though, that perhaps her anger toward the sunlight has somewhat subsided.

©Christy Kane 2011

ps… in case your wondering Buttercup stands six inches tall!

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