Pearl Kane

Pearl Kane

Pearl….Pretty Pearl has a lot on her mind.  She can’t help but think
all the time.  She thinks about this and that, and then she thinks about thinking.  This series  of thoughts leaves her in a constant state of exhaustion.  She once tried to focus on one singular  thing.  But then the wind blew a leaf flew through the air and she wondered what that leaf was up  to and where it had been, and where was it going.  Then she may have caught a glimpse of her pink  ribbon.   Why is pink, pink she wondered.  Why do trees have leaves instead of ribbons, and why do I  wear ribbons instead of

This may give you some idea of what is going on in her little
mind.  She can’t really help herself, the thoughts just keep coming.  If you take sweet Pearl
home, keep her somewhere comfortable.  She has such a heavy mind, so she likes to lay down a lot.  She will often stare off, sometimes focusing on two different things.  Her left eye tends to  focus in on bright colors, while her right eye is always on the look out for anything with wings.   Don’t feel slighted if she seems distant.  She just goes off into her own little world, sometimes  for weeks at a time.

Amidst her constant thoughts are often very wise little views of the
things she observes.  Feel free to ask her advice, it may take her months to answer, but when she  does, it will surely astound you.

©Christy Kane 2004

Pearl was originally made for my Valentine Mourning Show…on Valentines Day at Poets Gallery in New Orleans in 2004.  She was adopted into a very loving home in New Orleans, LA.

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