Enid and Fae Kane

Enid and Fae

Enid and Fae are the very best of friends.  Enid has a love of and mild obsession with skeleton keys, while Fae has the same sort of affinity for hearts.  They both love cakes and tea and making daisy chains.   They eventually became so fond of the idea of being twins that they told everyone they met that they were.  “Ah yes,” said Enid.  “We were born connected, twins for life.” And the two would walk side by side,  so closely that you could hardly tell where one started and the other one ended.

One night while rummaging in the woods for twigs shaped like bones the two became incredibly tired.   It was as if they were under a spell.  They curled up under a big Oak and fell fast asleep.   As they slept they both had dreams of a great owl named Oliver who told them that if they  would stay asleep long enough, their dearest desire would come true.

Of course both dolls found this to be unbelievably good news and decided to
sleep for several days to make certain that their wishes would come true.  Both dolls wished to be twins,  inextricably tied to one another though they also had their own dreams.  Enid yearned to rescue birds with broken wings and help build them replacement wings.   Fae wanted nothing more than to translate the  sounds of flower petals into songs.  As dear as these things were to them, once they awoke it  was clear what their most sincere wish really was.

You see, when they woke up, they were attached to each other.  Side by side, even their dresses were bound.   Enid pulled as hard as she could to the right, as Fae pulled toward the left and nothing budged.   It seems they were permanently attached.  The dolls were speechless and truly delighted.  Now they knew for certain they would never be separated, and they would be there for each other side by side forever!

Nothing makes them more content than when they are together so, as you can see, they are always in a state of happiness!  If you want to make these girls even cheerier make sure to let them see  the moon, pink flowers and smell sweet cake at least once a month.  These things make them so happy they sometimes fall into a deep slumber; but rest assured when they wake up they are usually full of tales of dreams that are sure to inspire and intrigue anyone who is lucky enough to hear them!
© Christy Kane 2009




Enid and Fae are a custom made Siamese Dollie Duo….They are happily residing in Florida in a house full of delightful dolls!
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2 Responses to Enid and Fae Kane

  1. My dearest twin Enid holds the skeleton key to my sacred heart. Without her I am not worth the flesh I am printed on. Thanks to our feathered owl friend Oliver & the Goddess Christy Kane, I now have my siamese soul sister there to fix my broken wings as well as my other character….defects (heehee) I only hope to return the favor…..perhaps with a cake…dearest Enid, I love & adore you with all my <3, fabric flesh, button eyes & cotton soul. You are the thread thats kept me from coming undone ages ago.
    THANK YOU AGAIN DARLING CHRISTY KANE. <3*<3*<3* (or Dr.Kane if you prefer :D) without you the Enid & Fae dynamic duo would be but a glimmer in….well, someones eye. If I can get my dear Enid to hold still I would love to draw a picture of my favorite freak as a thank you. Is there a different place i should send it? (Via web) Fb, website or email. You name it. Thank you again!!!

    • christykane says:

      Awww that makes me so happy! Stitching Enid and Fae into existence was a real beautiful pleasure! I would adore seeing a sketch of your favorite freak!! Email is great! Misschristykane@yahoo.com or you can put it on the dolls facebook, either way, me and all the Kane dolls will love it!!! Huge doll hugs to you too xoxoxo

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