Daisy Dot

I started a series of Black Eyed Daisy Dolls….I’ll share a couple with you over the next  few days =)
First up….

Daisy Dot

Daisy Dot is a dear little doll, but she has a couple of extremely odd traits.
First she spent an entire year consuming nothing but orange poppies.
She did so in hopes of turning herself the same shade of orange as the flowers.
And as you can see it worked!

The only side effect of consuming these flowers for a year is one that has
caused little Daisy Dot a bit of pain.  You see, for some odd reason,
poppy ingestion leads to seasonal sleepwalking.

In Daisy’s case, the season is Winter.

You may notice the little lass is covered in dots.
This is due to all the sharp branches she innocently walks into during her
Winter Sleepwalking episodes.

Fortunately for Daisy she has yet to wound her eyes!  Thank goodness.
Just one false move and she could easily walk eye first into a branch!
Due to the fact that her eyes have been protected thus far, it’s very
important if you take Daisy home that you lock all your windows and doors at
night during the Winter Months, so she doesn’t wander off in a sleepwalking frenzy…

She is very upset by the reality that she now roams in her sleep,
but it is simply beyond her control.  She says if she had it to do all over again,
she would still eat all the poppies.   Dots or no dots, she says she is
happier than she has ever been now that she is as orange as her beloved poppies.

Other than the Seasonal Sleepwalking, Daisy Dot will be no trouble.
She loves to be around other dolls and humans alike.
She loves all things orange, Tuesdays, and the sound of rain drops.

© Christy Kane 2010

*Daisy was adopted last year into a very loving home*

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2 Responses to Daisy Dot

  1. Boni says:

    You are wonderful ,with your stories ❤

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