Daisy Blue

Here’s one more Black Eyed Daisy doll…..

Miss Daisy Blue

This little Black-Eyed dolly is Miss Daisy Blue….her name was chosen by her, although at the time she was quite a pale shade of white.  When I asked her why she chose that name she said that she knew that one day it would be quite fitting.

Once she ate nothing but blueberries for sixty days.

When nothing happened she made a coat of blue aster flowers and wore it for seven months.

When she removed it and found herself to still be very pale and very white she became very distraught.  She pondered the various ways in which one could turn blue and decided to go for an extreme.  The two previous methods obviously were too weak to turn her blue so she decided to hold her breath.  Her only dilemma was deciding how long.  Her sixty day blueberry feast and her seven month flower coat had failed so she decided it had to be longer than either of those.  One year!  That should do it she thought so she counted to three and held her breath.

One of the many amazing parts of being a doll is that simple things like not eating and holding your breath have little or no effect on your quality of life.  Unlike humans dolls

Have many more freedoms to do seemingly harmful things, like holding your breath for a year!

Eight months into it, Daisy noticed her arms turning a pale blue.  This brought her no end of delight and she waited patiently for the year to pass.  After month eight day by day little Daisy slowly became more and more blue.  On the final day of the year she was so

riddled with anticipation that she gasped out for air thinking that her task was complete.

As she jumped and leapt about in excitement she realized that she had stopped holding her breath one day too early, and that her legs and hands were not entirely blue.  The strange thing was that they were no longer white either.  They were black and blue.

If you take Miss Daisy Blue home, you should know three very important things.

First, she loves all things blue and the more blue things around her the happier she is.

Second, she loves to dance about, especially with someone, so if you could dance with her on a weekly basis, you will have a very happy little doll.

Third, and most important, there is a chance that she could one day desire to be even more blue, which I imagine would entail her holding her breath for even longer than last time.

So if you find her unresponsive don’t fret.  She is most likely in a two year breath holding experiment.  I think if you occasionally tell her, “You look bluer today!” she may not try holding her breath again, but you never know!

© Christy Kane 2010

Miss Daisy Blue was adopted into a loving home and is living with lots of her Kane sisters, including Odelia!! She is beyond content!

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