Yellow Fever Francis

I have a series of dolls called the “Foundlings”  Dolls found by me…..made by my Nana Kane….very similar to mine, with a very 1899 twist….doll making runs in the family.

So here is a peek at a “Foundling”…..Miss Yellow Fever Francis

Yellow Fever Francis

Her little frame has taken on the color of the sun.
We all assumed it was yellow fever, as her skin had taken
that shade, but Frances has no other symptoms.  She claims
that she ate 42 buttercups and that is what did it.  We asked to
check her teeth for flower remnants but she refuses to open her
mouth.  The only thing we can be sure of is that her skin did indeed
change color, and has no signs of changing back.  Frances has
always been a quite one, and rarely complains.  So keep a close eye
on her.  If she begins to turn green, or perhaps purple, there may be cause
for alarm.  She would be the last to notice as she is so adaptable that nothing
ever shocks her.  If you’re the one who will be the caretaker of little
Frances, keep a close eye on her … especially if you have flowers around.  She
refuses to believe they are for anything but snacking.
© Christy Kane 2005  & Nana Kane 1899

Francis was adopting during her stay at Every Picture Tells a Story in Santa Monica CA.

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