Happy St. Patricks Day – meet Loreen!

In Honor of St. Patrick’s Day here is my little Irish Rose..

Little Loreen Kane















Loreen has informed me that there are not 365 days in a year. She says there is one day and it repeats itself 365 times.  What day could it be? Well looking at sweet Loreen I’m sure you can guess.  It’s St. Patrick’s Day.  Every day is St. Patrick’s Day and every body of water is Galway Bay.

This is the world according to Loreen.

Why do you suppose she thinks this way?  Well, let me tell you.

She made a raft of clovers and set sail on Galway Bay.  She floated for one year and when
she returned to the shore, her eyes had become clovers and her dress developed a magic circle that, when wound, played the tune Galway Bay.  When I asked her what she saw on her journey, she said “Happy St. Patrick’s Day.”  I told her it wasn’t St. Patrick’s Day!  That’s when she told me that every day is St. Patrick’s Day and I needn’t fool myself any longer by thinking anything different.

If you spend one year sipping on the water of Galway Bay  it is likely you will come to the same conclusion as Loreen.

She won’t tell me what else she saw on Galway Bay but she did admit to seeing four half-mermaid, half-leprechaun beings who told her many secrets about why the water is so clear.  She won’t tell me what they said because they swore her to secrecy, and she is very loyal.

So if you take this little Irish Rose home, be sure to wish her a Happy St. Patrick’s Day any
time.  And  do wind her up at least once a week.

Having one like Loreen around who believes every day is St. Patrick’s Day could bring you
luck, and if not luck then joy for certain!
© Christy Kane 2008

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