….the lovely Maxine had what one might find a bizarre fascination.

She was once challenged by a butterfly to have a staring contest.  The rules were  different though…they were each only allowed to use one eye.  Maxine held her left eye open for a  record time and Maxine herself was  amazed at her ability to remain blink free for so long.  She decided to see just how long she could get on, only using one eye.  She spent days at a time using just one  eye.  In fact, one eyed staring contests became her routine.  She challenged everyone she saw, and  she won every time.

But I ask you, how much can one eye take.  Maxine’s left eye became tragically overworked.  It tried sending her messages through aches and twitches, but Maxine ignored  these signals and pushed the eye to work even harder.  It was a Tuesday when the eye decided it had had enough.   She challenged an unsuspecting snail to a one eyed stare off.  The snail having nothing better to do, and lacking the energy to decline, cordially accepted.  Twenty minutes into the stare  off, Maxine felt as if her eye was going to pop right out of her head.  Minutes later, it did.  It rolled right up to the snail and sat there lifeless.  Having no choice, Maxine opened her right  eye.  Now that eye, having  been ignored for so long, had become extremely fragile.  Bright lights made it squint, and it tended to make Maxine appear quite sleepy.

To this very day Maxine has to be gentle with her right eye, and as you can imagine, she’s all too aware that one must not overwork their eyes, lest tragedy strike.  She has given up entirely on  staring contests, and prefers to dwell in dimly lit areas.  The snail, in case you are wondering,  was so shocked by the eyeball rolling toward her that she went inside her shell and has never come  out.  Feeling guilty, Maxine carries that snail around everywhere she goes.  She sings to her and talks to her often.  She hopes she will one day come out. If you take Maxine and her snail home, do keep them away from bright lights.  And tell Maxine often that her little snail will come out of it’s shell one day.  She truly needs the encouragement.  Since the “eye incident” she has a tendency to fall into states of melancholy.  © Christy Kane 2004

Maxine was originally in my Cabinet Noir show in Austin Texas and was adopted by the lovely Miss Claudia and is beyond content 🙂

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4 Responses to Maxine

  1. Boni says:

    Gotta love this 🙂

  2. Claudia Perez says:

    Thanks to everyone for their lovely comments about my baby girl. She is very content at home where I keep mostly in the dark myself. 🙂
    Her snail has of yet not come out to play… or maybe she does while we sleep, but we know she too is content because we swear we can hear her singing along to the Misfits with us.

    • Christy Kane says:

      I’m so happy to hear she’s doing good!! I knew you’d be the best Mama!!!
      Hugs to her and her little snail and I will think of you all when we are rocking the Misfits at home!! 😉 xo

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