Eunice can’t sleep.  If you think she looks tired that’s because she is. But she refuses to sleep under any circumstances.  This is because of a terrible dream she had several months ago.  In her dream a very dapper Walrus came out of the sea with a desire to dance with as many dolls as he could find.  In the dream Eunice and twelve of her closest friends were doing just that on the shore not too far from where this nobleman had left the sea.

He came tottering up in his finest glad rags and asked if he could join in the dance.  The dolls, Eunice included, were excited to have a partner to dance with so they agreed.

The dolls’ excitement led to their misfortune.  You see their flurry of movement caused the Walrus to lose his already challenged footing. He toppled over crushing 8 of the twelve dolls and leaving the others scurrying about in a panic.

The Walrus was mortified and waddled off into the sea, but not before claiming his love for the dolls and vowing to return to bring the remaining dolls into the sea to dance with him until the end of time.

Eunice awoke with a start and looked around.  She found herself on the beach surrounded by her 12 dear friends, all fully intact.  She told them of her dream and they all shrieked in terror.  One of the 12 told Eunice that it may have been a premonition and that it was likely her lot in life now to protect her friends from this Walrus who might snatch any of them into the sea, or worse, crush them with his faulty waltz.

So she has vowed to stay on the look out for the rest of her life.

I tried to assure her that perhaps the Walrus just wanted to dance with them in the water where he would be more graceful, with no chance of falling as the water would hold him up.

She said that may be the case but neither she nor any of her friends wanted to dance under water until the end of time.  They would gladly go for a day, but the Walrus clearly said “…until the end of time.”

For this reason she refuses to sleep.  She knows quite well that if  she were to spot this Walrus she could warn her friends and they could run off much quicker than the Walrus and have no fear of spending their lives performing an under water waltz.

If you take sweet Eunice home, hold her tight if you take her near water.  Perhaps over time you may convince her to take a little rest while you keep watch.   Her fear is utterly real, which is what once turned her blue hair silver.  She is very sensitive and protective so don’t be alarmed if she wants to be near you all the time… and if you must leave her alone make sure she has a little animal or a flower to keep her company.  © Christy Kane 2007

Eunice was adopted and is well take care of by our deal pal Nathan…..who also adopted President Bear to keep her company!
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