Eudora . .This little doll’s life changed in a dramatic way at six o’clock on August sixteenth.  Eudora always  had a love for the fancier things in life but they were  always just out of reach.  So she would fashion herself dresses out of whatever  she could get her hands on and she would wear daisy chains in her hair.

One day she happened to pick a daisy that rang like a bell when she plucked it  out of the ground.  This shocked her so much that she dropped the poor flower.

Well as is the case with most flowers, this daisy held no grudge.  Flowers are usually quite forgiving. So, when Eudora asked the little flower how it was able to ring like a bell the flower laughed.

“Silly girl don’t you know about the daisy bell?”

Eudora felt embarrassed but admitted she had no idea what the daisy bell was.   The flower went on to explain that every year one daisy would blossom out of the  ground with the sole purpose of changing one life forever.  That life would change at six o’clock the day after the daisy bell rang.  Then the daisy would fall asleep and eventually melt into the ground and wait a year before blossoming again.

Eudora tried to take this all in but it was a bit much, even for a doll.

The daisy looked very tired and told Eudora she had been chosen and that  by six o’clock tomorrow all her hopes of becoming a fanciful little princess  would come true.  The only catch was that some part of Eudora’s body might transform into a bell.  The daisy could give no guarantee about what part would transform, but she said it was irreversible and that there was no sense in worrying now !

With that the daisy melted into the ground.

Eudora was anxious and also slightly fearful…visions of her eyes turning into bells  ran through her head… Or worse…what if her entire head became a bell.  How would she eat cake!!! These thoughts entangled her little mind for hours.  It wasn’t until she heard the village clock begin to gong that she realized it was two gongs away from six !!

With that she looked down and waited.

First her little legs turned pink, and then her eyebrows turned into little flowers. Her eyes seemed fine and that was a relief as she gazed down at her dress.  It had morphed into the most beautiful gown!  It wasn’t until she reached up to feel the bow in her hair that she heard the bells.  She pulled her arms down….That’s it she said… my hands!

Eudora’s hands had become two bells.  But she didn’t mind one bit.  In fact when she rings them, flowers seem to bloom! And birds flock around and do the loveliest spins in the air.

So Eudora is forever changed.  One daisy bell and six strokes of the clock and she is now
the fanciest doll around.

If you take her home, do help her pick flowers!  It’s the one thing she misses. But be aware of the daisy bell and if you hear it ?!  Well…be selective in picking your dearest wish, because it might come true!
© Christy Kane 2008

Eudrora was adopted and given as a gift and is now very loved in her new home!

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