Dixie Kane

Dixie … spins in counter clockwise circles every day at 10 o’clock.  She continues to
do so until 10 minutes to eleven.  Then she is so dizzy that she sits still for eleven hours.
If you try talking to her and she doesn’t respond, don’t take it personally.  She’s a little hard of hearing.  She’s also a very deep thinker so if you ask her a question, she may ponder it for several days before replying.

I once asked her if she liked bunny rabbits.  About a week later I heard her from the other
side of the house say “Oh yes, they are delightful.”  That’s the other funny thing about Dixie.  When you ask her something, she takes so long to think about the response that she forgets who asked her, and half the time when she blurts out the answer no one is around.

I fear all the spinning has caused her some problems.  Luckily she is entirely unaware that
they are problems and is very content indeed.

If you take little Dixie home keep a close eye on her.  With all the spinning she occasionally
falls over and or behind things and tends not to speak up and call for help.  Instead she stays where she is and usually takes naps.

And, as I said, take no offense if she seems aloof; it’s more whimsy than fickleness.
Between her spinning, her deep thinking and her affected ability to hear, she’s truly in
her own world.

That doesn’t mean she won’t care for you; it just means she may only let you know it when
you’re out of the room.   The simple fact is that she doesn’t know you’re not there.
© Christy Kane 2008
Dixie was once part of my Timeless Tales show at M Modern Gallery in 2008.  She was adopted by an awesome Mom and is very happy!

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