Clara Kane

Clara Kane

Clara … has a love for Three O’clock.  One afternoon last June she was wandering through the forest in search of her friend Theodore, the miniature owl.  She heard a very faint ticking noise and followed the sound until she got to the great time-telling oak she had heard so many stories about.

There he was, magnificent in his stature but with a very stern look upon his Oak face.
She noticed that his hands were stuck.  And wedged in his hands she saw Theodore.

“Do you know this little creature” asked the great Oak.  “Why yes sir, that’s Theodore” said Clara.

“Well if you would be so kind as to remove him by three o’clock, I would appreciate it.
Otherwise both he and I will surely explode.

“What time is it now” asked Clara.  “Two fifty- eight” said the great Oak and with that Clara reached between the clocks hands and pulled Theodore out.  As she did so the clocks hands began to spin and they cut her little fingers.

“Not to worry” said the great Oak who was quite grateful to Clara.  He asked her to wrap her fingers in some Oak moss and sit under his shade for three hours.   So Clara did as he said and took a nice nap while resting her fingers.  She got a little chilled at one point and used more of the moss to make a blanket for her legs.

When the clock struck six, Clara awoke, and started removing the moss.  She noticed that everywhere the moss had been was now purple!  The great Oak must have known purple was her favorite color and she was utterly pleased.

The Oak told her that Theodore had flown into his arms and became stuck about 10 hours before Clara arrived.  There had been a great wind storm and visibility was low, so poor
Theodore mistook the clock hands for branches and the rest you already know.

The great Oak then told her that if a clock’s hands become stuck for more than 12 hours, the clock explodes.  (This fact is true in the forest, and I have not tested it at home for I’m not one to dabble in such things, but feel free to experiment with your own clocks at your own risk if you wish.)

He thanked her profusely and told her that in gratitude he would officially make Three O’clock –Clara hour.   He had much to be grateful for because, as he asked, “what good is a ticking great Oak tree if it explodes!”

So with her own hour and her newly transformed purple parts Clara waltzed home with Theodore by her side.

I forgot to mention  that Theodore felt an allegiance to the great Oak.  He told Clara he loved her dearly but has decided to spend his days near the great Oak tree.  After all, he almost made the poor tree explode and so he felt it necessary to protect the tree from future explosive accidents.  He vowed to come collect Clara and the two would make sure the clock’s hands were always kept free of potential hazards.

If you bring Clara home and she goes missing, rest assured she is only helping the great Oak and will return promptly.  And if you want to please her beyond measure give her three roses every once in a while.  Nothing pleases a doll so much, as three roses.
© Christy Kane 2008

Clara was once part of my Timeless Tales show at M Modern Gallery in 2008.  She was adopted by an wonderful loving Mom and lives happily with her and her new custom Kane animal Pal, Sir Wilson Blue pictured below 🙂

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4 Responses to Clara Kane

  1. T. says:

    This is Clara and Wilson’s new mom checking in…just wanted to let everyone know what fun we’re having hanging out at car shows and car races and relaxing at home together. It is true that Clara loves roses and can be found in our large rose garden frequently playing hide and seek with Wilson. They also love to sneak chocolates from the candy dishes around the house! 🙂 I love them both! Thanks again Christy…hope to meet up with you again sometime soon! =)

    • christykane says:

      So happy to hear that they are having fun! They are lucky to be in such a loving home with you 🙂
      And I feel guilty about the sneaking of chocolates from the Candy Dishes! They definitely learned that one from me 🙂
      Big hugs to all of you and I hope to see you all soon!!! ❤

  2. Clara is adorable! Her eyes are extraordinary and I love her little purple fingers!! What a gorgeous, magical world you create, Christy!!

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