Elsie Mae

Elsie Mae

Elsie Mae is waiting for a stagecoach with four pink ponies and four navy blue horses.
It’s supposed to take her somewhere special but she doesn’t know where.

This “stagecoach” has been on its way now for two years.

Luckily Elsie has no concept of time and is certain it will be arriving any moment.

In the mean time she loves to listen to stories about traveling, especially
if it includes encounters with talking walruses and or dancing pandas.

She also loves the smell of fresh-baked cookies and frosted cakes.

Her favorite day is Tuesday because she claims that is the day of the week
when most things that are pleasant and unexpected seem to happen.

Her favorite hour is 8 p.m. because she claims that is when the moon is the loudest.
When I told her the moon makes no noise, she laughed at me and told me I knew very little about the moon. She said it whispers sweet songs all day long and at 8 p.m. it radiates all around the world.

Please be sure to encourage dear Elsie Mae to join you on adventures.
You may have to convince her that wherever this mysterious stagecoach wants to take her is only half as interesting as where you wish to take her!

It shouldn’t take much coaxing as she has a very tender heart, and
loves nothing more than to share adventures with friends.

However if you are out and about with dear Elsie Mae and you hear approaching pranceing of ponies and horses, be aware that the stagecoach Elsie speaks of may be around the bend.

Who knows, maybe she will invite you to join and this unknown magical
adventure will include you too!

Ps… Elsie loves the snow, falling leaves and tulips.  She doesn’t like to be
left alone, so if you must leave her, be sure to keep a flower near by.  She says it’s impossible to be lonely with a flower in the room!
© Christy Kane 2011

Elsie Mae was adopted into a very loving home and is beyond happy in her new home 🙂

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