Happy Eleven Eleven Eleven – Meet Poppy the Eleven O’Clock Doll

In honor of it being 11-11-11 I thought I would share my Eleven O’Clock doll from my Timeless Tales show.


Poppy…walked into a bit of a disaster at exactly Eleven O’clock am last Wednesday.
She was taking a little walk in a field and watched in amazement as the hummingbirds swooped in and out of sight sipping nectar until their bellies were round and full.
They were so fast she could hardly see what color their eyes were, much less their wings and her fascination with them took a dreaded turn.  She steadied herself between two
flowers and climbed them like a ladder.  She wedged her face between them and held their petals close to her face, left side and right side.  This she thought would be the perfect place to see a hummingbird up close because they would come and drink from both the flowers and be close enough to hug!

Poppy is a loving little doll and wanted desperately to hug or kiss one of these magnificent little birds.  But hummingbirds are like lightning sometimes and when the hummingbird in question darted in to sip the flower his beak poked Poppy right under her eye!

She shed one tear and it froze right on top of the spot the hummingbird had poked her.
Then she lost her footing and fell to the ground.

The hummingbird hovered over her and shed a tear of his own.
He was sorry to have hurt her but even more sorry that she didn’t know the consequence of trying to get too close to a wild creature.

When a doll gets a wound from a hummingbird something dreadful will happen.  Lucky for Poppy that if the doll gets wounded at eleven o’clock on the nose, which in this case it did,  right after the dreadful thing takes place, it will be immediately followed by something wonderful.

So Poppy waited, thinking the worst…like perhaps her eyes would pop out of her head.
She didn’t have to wonder long because in an instant she felt her hands clasp and then watched as they disappeared.  As they disappeared her arms seemed to melt together.

“How dreadful” she thought.  But then the hummingbird, who was watching the whole thing told Poppy that by eleven o’clock the next day something wonderful
was going to happen.  So she decided not to sulk.  After all, her eyes hadn’t popped out of her head and she could still skip and sing.

With that she went wandering through the flowers and at eleven o’clock the next day 30 hummingbirds descended from the sky and encircled the little doll.  They seemed nearly frozen and invited her to come as close as she wanted, but warned for her not to touch them.

So she spent the next several hours gazing into their eyes and taking note of the
way their wings changed colors in the sun.  After several minutes the birds flew away … all but one.

It was the bird who had poked her in the face!

He told her he was sorry and Poppy told him not to worry, that she was really quite pleased with her new arms because they were now ideal for hugging flowers.

So if you take Poppy into your home make sure to give her something to hug, be it a flower, or a little blanket or even you.  And do keep an eye on her if you
bring her into your garden… you might think she has learned her lesson but you never can tell!

© Christy Kane

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