Saint Lucy And Saint Odilia Day

Today December 13, is the Feast day of two of my favorite Saints. St. Lucy and St. Odilia.

St. Lucy – patron of eyes has two stories attached to her, one is that a prince wanted to marry her, and was enchanted by her beautiful eyes.  He threatened to call her out as a Christian if she refused to marry him.  This of course didn’t frighten her.  She had explained that she had no desire to marry, she had decided to devote her life to God. The story goes that she tore her eyes out, placed them in a dish and said if you like my eyes so much, take them.  Shortly after, her eyes were miraculously healed and restored, but she was taken to the authorities, and martyred for her faith.

The other story is that her eyes were torn out as part of her martyrdom, and that they miraculously came back before her death.

You can read more here.

Either way, you have a remarkable Saint who’s unbending devotion to God was courageous to say the least.  She inspired me so much I made a St. Lucy doll for the first Carnival of Saints and Souls show, and I did some Wet Plate Collodion portraits of her that I’ll be making into cards this year! She also is the inspiration behind my band Hazard County Girls song, Lucy’s Eyes.

Here’s a photo of the Wet Plate Camera I used focused in on Lucy, followed by the final Wet Plate Image.

St. Odilia is also the patron of eyesight.

Odilia was born blind, and because of this her family abandoned her, choosing to give her to a peasant family rather than have her killed.  Odilia was baptized at the age of twelve, and at the moment she was Christened, her sight was miraculously restored.  You can read more about Saint Odilia here.

I made a Saint Odilia doll for the second Carnival of Saints and Souls show.  Here she is.

As a little bonus here are a couple of my favorite famous paintings of these Saints.

Hope everyone has a Dollightful day xo

St. Lucy by Domenico di Pace Beccafumi

St. Lucy by Francesco del Cossa

Saint Odilia

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3 Responses to Saint Lucy And Saint Odilia Day

  1. Darlene Paige says:

    I just recently received a prayer card of St. Odilia and have plans to add her to my dear friends in prayer. Especially knowing she represents EYES as with St. Lucy. After saying the prayer I placed her in my prayer book next to St. Lucy’s prayer cards. I said to myself now St. Lucy will have a friend to sit and wait for me to talk with the both of them since they left there eyes in God’s hands. I have been looking up all my friends (personal Saints that I know of and I feel know me) feast days so I can give special prayers on there special day.

    I put in St. Odilia’s name and feast day and ended on your site and to my surprise I see you have both of them listed together St. Lucy and St. Odilia. Now how does that happen (: I am pleased and happy to have visited your site and appreciate the information. Your dolls are beautiful and I know these two remarkable Saints are well pleased with you.

    • christykane says:

      Wow! Thank you so much! I love that the Saints got you to my site 🙂 I adore both St. Lucy and St. Odilia.
      I’ll send out a special prayer for you when I say my prayers to them and thank them for sending you my way 🙂

      Have a wonderful rest of your week and thank you so much for your kind words, and I’m sure the Saints appreciate all the love you
      send their way and will continue to send you loads of love and blessings!!

  2. tash says:

    thankyou so much this will really help me with my project about st lucy

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