Happy New Year from all the Kanes

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope everyone has a lovely safe and happy New year!  I have to say, 2012 was pretty amazing in many ways for me.  I took some time off from dollville and was able to spend some really special and dear time with my family & friends.  Time I will always treasure! Especially time with my amazing parents… and watching my Mother recover from hip replacement surgery….she is the toughest cookie I know, and her progress is astounding and inspiring!  Lots of time with my nephews and nieces, which is always inspiring and fun and hilarious….they are all the bees knees! (here’s one of my nephews first stop motion film! CLAY MAN)

The dolls also took time off and from what I gather I think they spent the majority of the time making wings out of leaves, and chasing mystical rabbits and squirrels. Did they catch any? Stay tuned to find out!

Starting in 2013 the blog will turn into a place for random thoughts from this doll maker, and my web-site will have it’s makeover done soon as well which will feature lots of new and old images and treasures you may have never seen!  I’m excited to share it soon!

Check back in the next few days for my first new post! Yippee

Happy New Year!! May 2013 be a Gorgeous adventure for one and all!

XOXO Christy and the dolls


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