Little bits of fun here in Kaneville

I have been working on a bunch of new goodies, exploring new mediumsand researching various inspiration.

Thought I’d share a couple little bits of fun.

Wood burning! One down, a million to go ! Quite fun…hoping to have a few wee wood burned goodies for sale soon.  IMG_3120

Mary Pickford….I just can’t watch enough of her, always so inspiring!


La Belle et la Bête! Every time I watch this something new makes my heart explode.

Such a beautiful film!


Sophia Loren singing Bing Bang Bong.  It’s like Vitamin D and Cupcakes for your ears.

I’ve also been working on some fine art photo projects with would you believe it!  HUMANS!  If you follow me on Facebook you may have seen some of these.  I’ll post more soon! But here is one of my favorites from a new series I’m doing on Mystic Visions.



More news soon! Hugs from Kaneville xo Christy


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