Elf dolls in Wonderland

Meet Cee Cee and Ivory Rose!

Two elf dolls who are part of “Through the Looking Glass.” An Alice in Wonderland inspired group show at Leanna Lin’s Wonderland in Eagle Rock.  Thanks so much to my dear pal, artist Miss Mindy for inviting me to be part of the show!

Both Cee Cee and Ivory Rose are adoptable through Leanna Lin’s Gallery!

Cee Cee – the Cheshire Cat inspired Elf.




Ivory Rose – the “Painting the Roses Red” inspired elf doll.

ivoryrose1  ivoryroseclose

Within the next 10 days I’ll have new dolls up on my ETSY just in time for Christmas so be on the look out!

Here’s a little collage from the opening at Leanna Lins of me and my friends Mindy and Brandy


Hugs from Kaneville!

ps… are you following me on Instagram? Please do!! The dolls are posting up a storm!


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