Long enchanted with the whimsical side of traditional fairy tales, artist and storyteller Christy Kane creates life size, one-of-a-kind, handmade dolls then photographs them in antique settings to illustrate her original stories. Her dolls have remarkably distinct personalities, her photographs are nuanced and richly detailed, and her stories are haunting and unforgettable. Her first book “Tales of the Sisters Kane” is now available.  With the help of the Chiodo Bros. (Killer Klowns from Outer Space, Vincent, Team America) she created a live puppetry version of her tale “Callalilly” which won runner up for Most Visually Innovative Short Film at the 2008 Baltimore Women’s Film Festival.

Kane’s enchanting artwork, stories and movies are perfect for children with a sense of adventure as well as adults who, deep down, still believe in Peter Pan. And fans of Hillaire Belloc’s “Cautionary Tales”, the Brothers Grimm, ETA Hoffmann, Tim Burton, Edward Gorey and Gris Grimly will have no trouble adding Christy Kane to the list.

Kane is currently working on “Tales of the Sisters Kane – Book II” as well as a new short film.

photo by Darla Teagarden

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